Subject: This statement has been prepared by Ziv4 Technology OÜ to provide information about potential situations and responsibilities that users may encounter while using the services and trading strategies, including algorithms and artificial intelligence-supported services, offered within the Ziv4-App.

Nature of the Services: Ziv4 Technology OÜ provides services related to trading strategies, algorithmic transactions, and other financial instruments to clients. These services inherently involve unforeseeable risks due to the nature of financial markets.

Understanding the Risks: The customer understands the nature of transactions in financial markets and is aware of the risks associated with these transactions. The Company does not accept responsibility for potential financial risks arising from the use of the services provided to customers.

Algorithms and Bots: Algorithms and trading bots provided by the Company can execute automatic transactions. The customer is solely responsible for the results of these automatic transactions. Ziv4 Technology OÜ will take necessary precautions and measures to ensure smooth operation of algorithms and bots, and will continue to improve them. Indicators and Analyses: Indicators and analyses provided by the Company are for general informational purposes and may impact your financial decisions. However, Ziv4 Technology OÜ does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

News and Correlation Trading: In the case of news and correlation trading, the customer is obligated to understand and manage the risks associated with such trading strategies. Correlations may change with changing market conditions. Ziv4 Technology OÜ will continue its R&D efforts throughout the service duration to maintain an updated correlation list and will make necessary updates with due diligence.

Guarantees and Commitments: Ziv4 Technology OÜ does not provide guarantees for profits, future gains, or success to customers. There is no performance guarantee in financial markets.

Limitation of Liability: The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from market fluctuations and other risks in financial markets.

Effective Date: This statement will come into effect as of the moment it is accepted.

Acknowledgment of Responsibility: I have read, understood, and accepted this disclaimer of liability statement.

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