Z-Algo is a product offered by Ziv4 that allows users to create strategies using indicators generated by Ziv4. Users can then connect their exchange accounts to Ziv4 through app.ziv4.com and execute these strategies automatically in the cryptocurrency markets.

Ziv4 provides a total of six indicators to its users on TradingView, the most popular platform for tracking cryptocurrencies. These indicators are named Ziv4 QZ, Ziv4 New EE, Ziv4 New SS, Ziv4 New XX, Ziv4 New YY, and Ziv4 OTE. Users can optimize these indicators according to their own trading strategies to create a customized strategy.

Next, users go to Ziv4's algo dashboard to determine the size and pairs for opening trades and connect their accounts to cryptocurrency exchanges via API. Ziv4 Algo is integrated with three cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Gate.IO.

In the final step, users input the signal body and webhook URL provided by Ziv4 into TradingView to create an alarm and build a trading bot.

This allows users to automate their trades and generate passive income while they sleep, work, or spend time with their families. Z-Algo currently has 650 users utilizing this feature. Z-Algo is also available within the Ziv4 App.

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