Z-Wallet is a project designed for users involved in financial markets to track their assets and portfolios from a single screen.

In today's market, users open separate accounts on different exchanges to take advantage of the benefits offered by each exchange. However, this practice creates a disadvantage as users find it challenging to keep track of their assets across multiple exchanges. Z-Wallet addresses this issue by providing a solution to track assets across various exchanges. It also simplifies asset tracking for users who store their NFTs, tokens, and coins in separate wallets for security reasons.

In the future, Z-Wallet plans to expand its offering by integrating stock markets such as BIST, Nasdaq, S&P 500, as well as valuable commodities like gold and silver, providing a comprehensive asset monitoring system.

Currently, Z-Wallet supports API integration with exchanges including Binance, BinanceTR, Woo X, WooTR, Bitget, Huobi, Gateio, Kucoin, Mexc, Okx, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Bybit. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, and Bitci networks on Metamask.

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